Mission Statement 


To identify heart disease in its latent “clinically silent” phase, thereby allowing asymptomatic but vulnerable individuals to undertake the necessary prophylactic lifestyle modifications and medications to arrest atherosclerosis – and for clinically unrecognized high risk individuals to undergo the necessary coronary interventions – that will help prevent the development of heart attacks, stroke, or premature sudden cardiac death.To encourage a plant-based nutrition diet founded in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, along with some nuts and seeds. Essentially, it is eating as close to nature as possible. Populations that follow a plant-based diet have been found to be leaner and have far lower incidence of chronic disease, including heart disease and stroke.

Chairman’s Statement

Jonathan Schwartz:

in 2011, my childhood friend, Larry Krutman passed away of a heart attack at age 42. I decided to share his passing with my physician, who practices preventative medicine. I’m an avid fitness enthusiast, and I’ve never had any health problems. Since I have a family history of early heart disease, my doctor suggested I take the coronary CT angiogram. This is a non-invasive virtual image of your coronary arteries, and this test is not covered by health insurance. I decided to pay the $800 for “peace of mind”. The results of this test revealed that I had nearly a 100% blockage in a large coronary artery. I was told that I needed a stent to prevent a heart attack and possible death.

This shock made me reflect on my eating habits, fitness routine, and overall lifestyle. I read countless books and consulted many experts in plant-based nutrition. I needed to reverse and arrest my coronary disease. I now consider myself a miracle life survivor and I want to live a long and healthy life with my loving wife and three beautiful sons.

My friend’s passing saved my life, and now I want to help improve and possibly save the lives of thousands of people. This is why I started a non-profit called HeartView Global Foundation.